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Growing up in poverty, children face tough challenges: hunger and malnutrition, limited access to education and medical services, social discrimination, and isolation, which puts them at an unfair disadvantage and creates a wide socio-economic gap that they spend a good chunk of their lives trying to close.
We have realized the power we hold, and the pull our generation has in commanding and rallying toward helping the next generation realize their full potential. We not only want to impact change but also start a much-needed conversation on the social inequalities that plague our society. 



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We aim to impact lives through weekly conversations and regular visits to the less privileged, teaching them some necessary basic skills and leaving them with a reason to smile. ● We speak for the voiceless: we speak out for those who can’t do so for themselves due to a plethora of reasons by providing support services for persons of concern.● We fight for the powerless: our goal is to champion social justice by helping the socially oppressed.● We keep hope alive for the hopeless: we ensure that every child's dreams are fully realized.



Delivering help and hopeto children through sponsorship.

We believe that sustainable change will not occur unless society members actively participate in the transformational process, which is why we encourage and invite like-minded individuals to apply for volunteer opportunities with us. Don’t just say something, Do Something! Join us as we challenge the status quo to uplift the marginalized.


The Transformational Gen Z is a non-profit with a truly noble cause. There is a lot of poverty and suffering around us which keeps a lot of youth from fulfilling their true potentials and reaching great heights which shouldn't be. The Transformational Gen Z have impacted and touched lives, especially in marginalized communities through outreaches. I urge everyone to join us in challenging the status quo. I am proud to be a Transformational Gen Z!

Roselyn, Volunteer.

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